We have an upcoming global collaboration project with music to be released in Dec 2017. Check out our Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date and on time for audition deadlines and other cool shit from the panel. More info as we go forward, and for those who would like to participate contact me! […]

We’re entering a new exciting adventure in 2017 which will involve music from 17 different artists. It will lead up to one final production release on New Years in Collab Mix City.  I’m excited. What about you?  More news  June 10th   Next update #thenewphase #thenextpage  Collabmixcity.com

First release  Axelbrundin – Worlds Apart  featuring Jonathan Bernhardsson Production: Bernhard Production Studios  Location: Ängelholm, Sweden Year: 2017 — New Production – Release June 20th, 2017 Trip Sixteen from Helsingborg, Sweden Photos: Isabelle Bernhardsson